The beginnings of a bucket list…Part 1

I’ve recently decided that I am going to create a bucket list. I might keep it personal, or I might put it on my blog (it might be more exciting to make it interactive!). To motivate myself, I’ve decided to write a list of certain things that I can cross off the bucket list before officially ever starting it…because they’ve already happened. I don’t know what more incentive you can have to continue than to see where you’ve been. Some are small and some are more meaningful. It would be great to see what personal dreams, wishes or aspirations you have crossed off of your own bucket list 🙂

  • ·        Have a spontaneous kiss with a stranger
  • ·        Lie in a hammock and watch the stars with someone special
  • ·        Volunteer with elephants in Thailand
  • ·        Take a flight on my own
  • ·        Return to Thailand spontaneously
  • ·        Ride a banana boat
  • ·        Ride on the back of a motorbike
  • ·        Kiss a dolphin
  • ·        Swim with dolphins
  • ·        Swim with whale sharks
  • ·        Go camping
  • ·        Listen to people sing and play music around a campfire
  • ·        Sneak out
  • ·        Drive a speed boat
  • ·        Go paragliding
  • ·        Go jet skiing
  • ·        Swim in a lake with an elephant
  • ·        Groom a gibbon
  • ·        Visit Chichen Itza
  • ·        Climb Koba
  • ·        Ride a camel on the beach
  • ·        Jump into a hot tub fully clothed
  • ·        Visit Venice
  • ·        Ride a gondola
  • ·        Find the beach from ‘Death in Venice’
  • ·        Visit Paris
  • ·        Watch the fireworks from the Eiffel tower
  • ·        Visit my relatives in France
  • ·        See a KPOP concert
  • ·        Get my bully button pierced
  • ·        Get three piercings in each ear
  • ·        Get a pinna ear piercing in each ear (okay….so one of them closed)
  • ·        Start photographing the moon
  • ·        Visit Disneyworld
  • ·        Visit Harry Potter World
  • ·        Visit the medina in Marrakech
  • ·        Swim in a cenote
  • ·        Be involved in a protest
  • ·        Start a blog
  • ·        Have a professional massage
  • ·        Take a massage class
  • ·        Buy a round the world ticket
  • ·        Submit poetry to an official competition
  • ·        Have my first bynote
  • ·        Start a novel
  • ·        Start meditating
  • ·        Study English Comparative Literature at University
  • ·        Fall in love
  • ·        Fall in love…again

I hope to be able to cross off a few more in the coming year! Feel free to share your own bucket list successes and future wishes! We often forget how many amazing things we have already seen, experienced and achieved, whilst we whittle away the time trying to cultivate more!

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