Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum

Packaging: Nivea’s presentation lends itself to bold blues and virginal whites. This particular product is housed in a triangular white squeezy tube for convenient deposit of serum. The colour scheme for Nivea always strikes me as being clinical and fresh. It lacks that ‘you just must buy me’ wow factor, but it’s a clean, dependable range.

Scent: The first word that springs immediately to mind is unmemorable. It’s a clean, soft and balmy but unremarkable scent. It’s not the products high note. It didn’t really smell of anything in particular. Perhaps I’ve been spoilt by perfumed products. I’d recommend this for those who like their scents subtle and inoffensive.

Texture: With the feel of fine milk, this product melts like liquid honey into the skin meaning no excessive rubbing or patting. This is my favourite aspect of the product. It’s like a Cleopatra milk bath.

Price: 100 baht – the equivalent of £2. It would be worth checking your particular currency for an accurate cost.

Bang for your buck: Nivea is a widely respected and recognised highly endorsed range. Although I consider myself a fan of some of their products, others simply don’t ‘do’ it for me. It’s worth me mentioning at the time of writing that I am stationed in Thailand and the product details are predominantly written in Thai. I am also working from an irritatingly slow internet connection making thorough research of the product a difficulty. What I can decipher is that the product offers UB protection at SPF 25 and contains vitamin C. It is also a whitening serum. For those in the west adding self tan to products is the preferable modus operandi but in South East Asia, where ebony skins abound, the ideal is toward ivory flesh, of the ‘falang’ or their fairer skinned Asian counterparts, such as the Japanese and Koreans. I’m not entirely sure whether the purpose of the product is to lighten skin, protect fair skin or ease moles, freckles, tan lines and the like. ‘Whitening’ can seem to apply to many of these particular functions. It also has a long list of ingredients, some appealing (myrciaria dubia fruit juice) and others not particularly so (alcohol denat). It containts a useful pump disposal and a little product with it’s milky texture feels light and measly compared to thicker creams.

Does it work? I did not use the product as a sunscreen, but as an after shower moisturiser. I noticed my skin was silky smooth with a glossy sheen. My skin wasn’t lightened noticeably but it was a protected with no dryness or damage.

Does it last? I used this purchase up as quickly as I could so that I could move on to the next product, but I believe it would last for a significant period of time.

Would I repurchase? In a word, no. I liked the products milky sheen and protective properties but I simply wasn’t ‘blown’ away by it. I like Nivea as a brand overall and the product is very softening but I am partial to other serums. I preferred the product when it had ‘heated up’ in the Surin warmth. it felt slicker, softer and more like a serum, initially slipping and sliding like a seal skin splashed with sea.

Final verdict: 7/10

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