Lacoste – Touch of Pink

Bottle design:

This teeny bottle is a Barbie dolls dream. Delicately curved and emboldened with a hot pink hue at the base and a lighter pink lid. The iconic Lacoste symbol with a snapping crocodile above it sits atop the bottle.


This is a really girly spritz. It’s strong, summery and sweet. If you prefer a subtler scent you might find this a little too powerful. This is one of my favourite perfumes because it is bold, sweet and highly feminine. You might ask, what does pink supposedly smell like? Well it doesn’t smell like Barbie and Paris Hilton melted down into liquid form. It’s designed to appeal to younger women, not that this should off put you. As such, it’s an energizing, ‘busy’ fragrance. It’s the kind of scent you can imagine wearing to play tennis in the park, go on picnics or meet your crush at moonlight. It’s flirty, joyful and happy. It just embodies the fun and girlishness of being a young woman.


Long lasting scent that softens into a delicate more ethereal concoction as time passes.



Does it last?

Yes, mine’s been going and going for a mighty long while!

Would I re-purchase?

The only fault with this perfume is that it is so popular you won’t be the only woman wearing it, although it’s possible that nowadays newer scents have become the latest teenage craze. For me this fad has remained a favourite and I would definitely repurchase. I’m a little in love with it!


Overall rating: 9/10

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