O’slee – Pomegranate Milky Mask


This Malaysian brand sets off some of my most responsive hit points. For starters, their skin meal series sounds so nourishing, hearty and wholesome, that you genuinely do feel that you are feeding your skin via application of the product. Secondly, there wave of rosehip products, an ingredient introduced to me via my girl crush on Miranda Kerr, really appeal to me. Rosehip oil is one of my absolute favourite skincare products, so to have a whole line concocted around it is quite exciting for a product devotee such as myself! This particular product is a pomegranate milky mask. You can face mask as often, or as little as you like, but I advise three times a week (I advise this purely because that’s how many times Miranda Kerr claims to slap a mask on and it seems to work for her!). Face masks are beautifying, rejuvenating and just plain relaxing. Here is my opinion of this Malaysian miracle.

This exterior will really appeal to girly girls. This baby pink box is soothing and looks like a merging of Barbie and Polly Pocket. The design clearly emphasises the pomegranate ingredient, and looks warm, soft and appealing as a result. In fact it was the boxes design that really made the product jump off of the shelf at me! Within the pink box is a beautiful little pot, purple-pink with product and a teeny tiny lid to emphasise the delicious pomegranates within. It looks good enough to eat.

RM 59.90 (£11.72)

One of the most appealing factors of this product is it’s bewitching scent. It smells like a wonderful smoothie or yoghurt – you really could eat this. It’s creamy, rich, fruity and floral. Divine!

Thick in texture like a robust yoghurt or thickened smoothie. I really do feel the manufacturers wanted us to eat this product! Really lovely to apply: soft and thick, like a gentle caress on the face.

Bang for your buck
So here is what the product claims to do. Promoted as a whitening and anti-ageing mask, skin is protected against flighty free radicals which promotes a youthful appearance. It is the oxidation of free radicals that causes skin to age, and although skin will age regardless, regular face masks do help the skin repair and rejuvenate, which is why it is useful to do them often. Milk extracts are included to lighten the complexion and assist with pigmentation issues, promoting a universal skin tone rather than a blemished one. Skin is also hydrated, collagen production is increased and pores are refined whilst skin becomes firmer. Finally, kaolin removes oil and dirt from pores, leaving complexions fresh and clear. The overall impact of the product, summarised in its own words, is ‘antioxidants, whitening, moisturising, firming and deep cleansing’.

Does it work?
I have a pretty fair complexion, and I didn’t notice my complexion getting any lighter, but I didn’t notice it getting any darker either! It definitely felt like it levelled out and balanced my complexion. My skin felt brighter, firmer and far fresher after use. My face felt moisturised, soft and truly benefited from this nourishing product. It does truly feel like your face has been fed.

Does it last?
Although the pot is small, the texture of the product is so thick, that you can apply a little and really stretch out the use whilst still maximising the full potential of it’s benefits.

Would I repurchase?
Most certainly, too good to miss!

Instructions for use
As advised by the manufacturers, apply mask 2-3 times weekly. Use cleansing sponge included to clean away the product effectively. Use included mask stick to apply mask. Do not allow water to come into contact with the mask. Apply a thick layer of product to a cleansed face and clean away after 10-15 minutes.

Final verdict: 8/10

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