This Malaysian brand sets off some of my most responsive hit points. For starters, their skin meal series sounds so nourishing, hearty and wholesome, that you genuinely do feel that you are feeding your skin via application of the product. Secondly, there wave of rosehip products, an ingredient introduced to me via my girl crush on Miranda Kerr, really appeal to me. Rosehip oil is one of my absolute favourite skincare products, so to have a whole line concocted around it is quite exciting for a product devotee such as myself! This particular product is a pomegranate milky mask. You can face mask as often, or as little as you like, but I advise three times a week (I advise this purely because that’s how many times Miranda Kerr claims to slap a mask on and it seems to work for her!). Face masks are beautifying, rejuvenating and just plain relaxing. Here is my opinion of this Malaysian miracle.

This exterior will really appeal to girly girls. This baby pink box is soothing and looks like a merging of Barbie and Polly Pocket. The design clearly emphasises the pomegranate ingredient, and looks warm, soft and appealing as a result. In fact it was the boxes design that really made the product jump off of the shelf at me! Within the pink box is a beautiful little pot, purple-pink with product and a teeny tiny lid to emphasise the delicious pomegranates within. It looks good enough to eat.

RM 59.90 (£11.72)

One of the most appealing factors of this product is it’s bewitching scent. It smells like a wonderful smoothie or yoghurt – you really could eat this. It’s creamy, rich, fruity and floral. Divine!

Thick in texture like a robust yoghurt or thickened smoothie. I really do feel the manufacturers wanted us to eat this product! Really lovely to apply: soft and thick, like a gentle caress on the face.

Bang for your buck
So here is what the product claims to do. Promoted as a whitening and anti-ageing mask, skin is protected against flighty free radicals which promotes a youthful appearance. It is the oxidation of free radicals that causes skin to age, and although skin will age regardless, regular face masks do help the skin repair and rejuvenate, which is why it is useful to do them often. Milk extracts are included to lighten the complexion and assist with pigmentation issues, promoting a universal skin tone rather than a blemished one. Skin is also hydrated, collagen production is increased and pores are refined whilst skin becomes firmer. Finally, kaolin removes oil and dirt from pores, leaving complexions fresh and clear. The overall impact of the product, summarised in its own words, is ‘antioxidants, whitening, moisturising, firming and deep cleansing’.

Does it work?
I have a pretty fair complexion, and I didn’t notice my complexion getting any lighter, but I didn’t notice it getting any darker either! It definitely felt like it levelled out and balanced my complexion. My skin felt brighter, firmer and far fresher after use. My face felt moisturised, soft and truly benefited from this nourishing product. It does truly feel like your face has been fed.

Does it last?
Although the pot is small, the texture of the product is so thick, that you can apply a little and really stretch out the use whilst still maximising the full potential of it’s benefits.

Would I repurchase?
Most certainly, too good to miss!

Instructions for use
As advised by the manufacturers, apply mask 2-3 times weekly. Use cleansing sponge included to clean away the product effectively. Use included mask stick to apply mask. Do not allow water to come into contact with the mask. Apply a thick layer of product to a cleansed face and clean away after 10-15 minutes.

Final verdict: 8/10


Packaging: This striking translucent bottle houses 100 ml of gorgeous golden fluid. It almost looks like a bottled golden fleece. The aesthetic of the product is part of what makes it so tantalizing. Its eye catching, warm and a beautiful product to have on your shelf.

Price: £7.99

Scent: A very subtle, gentle, warm scent. If silk had a smell, this would be it. Nothing overpowering or provocative but it does add a pleasant musk to your hair.

Texture: Smooth, soft and silky, like warm honey in your hands.

Bang for your buck: This is my absolute favourite hair product in the world. 3.3 oz is plenty as you only need to add a little oil to damp hair (although I also add a little to dry hair and find it doesn’t cause the hair to become greasy at all).

The product is incredibly light weight so it does not feel heavy on the hair. It has a penetrative effect on the hair shaft enabling it to seal in moisture and softness and also has a protective effect against heat styling and harsh sun rays. As such it is an all purpose product that you can use on your hair every time you wash, or just any time you fancy. Protective, restorative and maximising, this really enables your hair to reach its full potential.

I’m a huge fan of using oils on hair. You can really notice a difference in hair quality and texture and this has to be my favourite oil for so many reasons.

Does it work?: My hair has been softer, silkier and just looked better since I have begun using this. It brings out the colour of my hair and just makes it feel wonderful to the touch. I feel better using this product. I really notice the effect when tying my hair back in a ponytail and running this oil through it. Shine and softness are maximised.

Does it last?: The bottled product itself will last you a long time if you use as directed. I tend to use twice; once on damp hair and once on dry hair and it’s still going! Realistically, you don’t need to use the product this often so it can potentially last even longer.

As for the lasting effect of the product, your hair will feel the benefits until your next wash and I truly believe the overall quality of my hair has improved as a result of using this.

Would I repurchase?: 100% yes. I absolutely adore this product and I will most certainly be trying the rest of the range.


Bottle design:

This teeny bottle is a Barbie dolls dream. Delicately curved and emboldened with a hot pink hue at the base and a lighter pink lid. The iconic Lacoste symbol with a snapping crocodile above it sits atop the bottle.


This is a really girly spritz. It’s strong, summery and sweet. If you prefer a subtler scent you might find this a little too powerful. This is one of my favourite perfumes because it is bold, sweet and highly feminine. You might ask, what does pink supposedly smell like? Well it doesn’t smell like Barbie and Paris Hilton melted down into liquid form. It’s designed to appeal to younger women, not that this should off put you. As such, it’s an energizing, ‘busy’ fragrance. It’s the kind of scent you can imagine wearing to play tennis in the park, go on picnics or meet your crush at moonlight. It’s flirty, joyful and happy. It just embodies the fun and girlishness of being a young woman.


Long lasting scent that softens into a delicate more ethereal concoction as time passes.



Does it last?

Yes, mine’s been going and going for a mighty long while!

Would I re-purchase?

The only fault with this perfume is that it is so popular you won’t be the only woman wearing it, although it’s possible that nowadays newer scents have become the latest teenage craze. For me this fad has remained a favourite and I would definitely repurchase. I’m a little in love with it!


Overall rating: 9/10



So what’s the fuss about?

L’Occitane is the exotically unpronounceable French brand that has been heralded as one of the best brands for the skin. This product is 50ml of precious cleansing foam shielded in an ocean blue bottle. The back blurb announces that the product is “enriched with organic immortelle floral water” which both cleanses and banishes impurities. Firstly, the packaging looks both enticing and luxurious – the combination of bold blue and striking gold looks regal and rich. It looks mighty attractive on the shelf!

What’s in it?

Aqua, glycerin and an assortment of other unpronounceables!

What does it smell like?

This product smells like fresh meadows and ocean breeze. It really does smell wonderfully lush, cleansing and natural. It does not smell artificial whatsoever. It has a calming, relaxing scent.

How do I use this?

Apply to damp skin twice daily. The product will foam easily. Spread over the face and wash clean. Recommended as suitable for all skin types.

Does it work?

As a cleanser, i.e. to remove daily impurities and make-up, this works really well. It is so soft to apply because it is a simple, fresh foam. It is equally easy to remove. You can see and feel when the product is gone. It leaves skin looking and feeling fresh. I simply looked more youthful and awake after I’d used this. I would recommend for all skin types, except severe problem skin and for those who suffer with acne. Although this is a gentle cleanser and acne should not be treated abrasively, a different kind of cleanser should be recommended for such skin.

Would I repurchase?

Yes, most definitely. Although my skin can be problematic, I like the fresh, gentle, easy way that this product cleanses. A very quick, and yet thorough cleanse.


L’Occitane products do not come cheap. Perhaps you’re paying extra for the exotic French name but at £18.50, it’s not the cheapest of cleansers. It is most definitely worth it though, should you have the cash to spare.

Overall rating: 9/10

To learn more about L’Occitane products click here:,83,1,35526,358131.htm

So what’s the fuss about?

Palmer’s is another of those big brands that has cemented its identity in the market. This vitamin enriched “treatment for soft, radiant skin” is designed to nourish the skin intensively. It’s key ingredient and therefore it’s most potent force in achieving this is super soft shea butter. The product also makes numerous other claims. Supposedly it “combats dryness and improves elasticity” as well as providing a “smooth, natural glow”. This deviates from the original Palmer’s formula in that it has been enriched with vitamin E and it also bucks tradition by smelling very different!

What’s in it?

You’ve got your usual shea butter which is tremendously buttery and soft. You’ve also got mineral oil, which is notorious for blocking pores. As such, such a thick formula should NOT be used on the face or anywhere on your body that may be prone to acne breakouts. The product is paraben free, vitamin E enriched and has not been tested on animals.

What does it smell like?

The traditional formula smells deliciously of chocolate – sweet, cocoa goodness. This formula smells different and is less appealing because of it. It has a more clinical smell and smells ever so slightly like an alcoholic drink.

Where do I use it?

All over the body once or twice a day to combat dryness.

Does it work?

This is definitely a very softening product. Those who have used it will be familiar with the thickness of the formula which drenches skin and leaves it moisturised, soft and with a dewy glow. Use on dry areas will provide immediate improvement and it’s great as a pre-emptive cure for any skin issues!

Would I repurchase?

No…simply because I prefer the original formula (the one that I’m most familiar with), the cocoa butter formula. I just adore the smell of the cocoa and as such I would stick with bottles of that rather than this!

How much did it cost?

Awfully cheap at £2.98. Daylight robbery!

Overall rating: 8/10

So what’s the fuss about?

Liz Earle is a one woman superstar who creates beautification products using “naturally active ingredients”. Her brand is the best of Great Britain sourcing ingredients fairly and without animal extracts. This is a natural, ethical range ideal if you are conscious about enjoying products that work whilst being environmentally aware.

This particular product is designed to “plump, smooth and rebalance” the skin. Intended as a night time concentrate and with a useful roller-ball design, the product can easily and effortlessly be applied with minimum pressure to the skin.

What’s in it?

A whole swathe of intensive, highly heralded ingredients such as hazelnut, rosehip, argan, avocado and neroli oil as well as vitamin E.

What does it smell like?

This is a hard smell to describe but it’s very therapeutic, gentle and relaxing. A soft, balmy, ethereal, unimposing scent.

Where do I use it?

This is designed for use on the face and neck areas. I tend to focus on the sides of the eyes, forehead and around the mouth.

Does it work?

The product claims to plump and smooth skin. Well, sadly, no non-invasive products can forcibly plump and unwrinkled the skin. This product is very soothing and gentle though and most certainly treats and moisturises.

Would I repurchase?

Yes, I would. I’m a big fan of Liz Earle and this is a luxurious treat. A little really lasts. The pump application means no product is wasted and the intoxicating amber gold colour is really inviting.

How much did it cost?

LE products do NOT come cheap. Shop around and you may pick up a bargain or a deal. This product was purchased for me last Christmas for £27.50 for a 10ml bottle.

Overall rating:



Packaging: A lime green, natural looking product decorated with love hearts and flowers. It’s a feminine, earthy, product appearance wise.

Price: £8

Scent: The alluring scent of fresh cucumber and revitalising melon combines and enthuses to form a very appealing and delicate aroma.

Texture: A slick product with a gritty undertone that makes skin feel buffed and cleansed.

Bang for your buck: This is a facial scrub which is advisable for all skin types although I wouldn’t recommend the product for acne prone skin because such skin needs specialised attention. This product feels like it works and it smells heavenly and it’s a cute add on to any bathroom shelf. The product does leave skin feeling cleansed and also brightened.

Does it work?: As someone with problem skin who is prone to break outs, I think I would need something more synced with my skin to work effectively. That said, my skin was definitely left brighter and lighter.

Does it last? I rushed through this product and not intentionally. It has decent lastability but other products last longer in my opinion.

Would I repurchase? I would, simply because I love the smell and the brightening effect, but I would not use it as a regular cleanser.

Overall rating: 7/10