Fashion Reviews

Girls love fashion. In particular, we like cheap fashion that doesn’t decimate our bank balances. Even better – we like being able to avoid the great unwashed masses by clicking a button and depositing our every fashion fancy into one basket. No queues, no shoving, no rude check out girl with a chip on her shoulder the size of a towering council estate. There are of course some negatives to consider: sizing seems different in virtually every shop you frequent so how do you establish what size you are in your new web world? You’ve also got to pay those pesky posting and packaging fees, and does it really looks as good as it does on the model in real life? I recall with horror the moment my beautiful cream white dress from ASOS was delivered. I ripped open the packaging with quiet anticipation only to find an off-yellow monstrosity that looked like something someone from the Addams family would wear. In my paralysed state of rage and disappointment combined, I didn’t send the dress back in time and so the hideousness that it is resides sinisterly in the back of my wardrobe. Every now and again when skimming the rail, I would catch sight of it, and the cringe of recognition would be on me once again.

Ignoring the pitfalls of online shopping (of which we acknowledge, there are many), Boohoo is an interestingly named little boutique. Is it meant to be a play on ‘you-who’, something all the boys will be doing when you flounce out in your new attire, or is it mimicking the cries of countless credit cards across the country?

The boohoo adverts themselves are hard to ignore; it’s a cacophony of colour either delightful or offensive to the eye. Girls strutting, smiling and shimmying in an array of rainbow outfits. Boohoo also has a soft spot for animal print, which the Bet Lynch in me approves of.

I have made several of my own purchases from boohoo and I adore them all. The items are cheaply priced, arrive quickly and I’ve never yet been disappointed in the quality or colour. They make some beautifully floaty, mermaid dresses, short summer hot pants and tops that will scream ‘notice me!’. If you haven’t yet shopped boohoo, I would give them a look in!