Music Reviews

Music is a pretty powerful tool and sometimes when the world gets too much, zoning out and tuning into a tune is all that’s needed to make everything well again. Here are some songs that I think suit some common (and some particularly random) moods:

When you need to get away: Frank Sinatra – New York

If the ‘little town blues’ are getting you down, you can dream big on this song and start planning your worldwide adventures and escapades. I don’t know how many trips I’ve booked on the back of listening to this. If you already live in New York and hate it, either get a little more patriotic or don’t bother with this one. This song always sends shivers down my spine and makes me antsy for the big wide world!

When the glass is half empty: Monty Python – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

There’s not much worse than being crucified right? So if these guys can find something to sing about, we surely can put our blues to one side! Aside from being an incredibly hilarious and life affirming film, the ending song really will have you whistling and head bobbing along. After all – we never have it that bad.

When you’re in need of some energy: BoA – Energetic

K-Pop Queen BoA, aka best of Asia, released an American album back in 2009 that didn’t really make a huge impact on the market. Nonetheless, if you are pounding the treadmill at the gym, need to stay up late, or are attempting to run away from angry villagers with pitch forks (or chavs from the local council estate), this song will put a dramatic spring in your step and make you desperate to dance! This song is just liquid energy for your ears!

When you need to focus: DBSK – Keep your head down

Another K-Pop track, I present you with Changmin and Yunho, formerly part of DBSK (well…they technically are still DBSK, just minus members Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong). If this all sounds like gobbledegook to you I apologise, but this song is the one to listen to if you need to keep focused and on track when the b******s are grinding you down. You won’t understand any of the words due to the language barrier, BUT the chorus is the only part that needs to be reiterated to ease your mood: KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!

When you’re frownin’: Nat King Cole – Smile

How can you look at this photo of dear Nat and not smile like a damn goon? It’s all too easy to frown, but frowning gives you wrinkles, and for that reason alone, whether your cats been run over by a truck or you’re all out of Cheetos, you should shrug it off and smile.

If you’re feeling homophobic: Village People -YMCA

Now, granted, true homophobia can’t be tackled with a song alone. Otherwise, blasting Kylie Minogue over the middle east would have the boys flooding the streets in droves with declarations of love for one another. Nonetheless, you can’t hate man on man love when it dresses and sounds like these guys do. Can you?

When bitches be hatin’: Frank Sinatra – The Lady is a Tramp

Nowadays it would be ‘the lady is a skank’ but that’s beside the point. If you find yourself the victim of an all girl gang fronted by someone much like Regina George from Mean Girls, then this is the song for you.

When its chucking it down on your wedding day / BBQ:  Gene Kelly – Singing in the Rain

There are some times when you just don’t want it to rain, but Gene looks like he’s enjoying it a little too much. There isn’t much we can do about the weather, so you might as well make the best of it, though I wouldn’t recommend doing what Gene’s doing or you’ll probably end up in a hospital with pneumonia, or the nut house for generally parading the streets like a nut job.

When you need some alone time:  Michael Jackson – Leave me Alone

People that like to be alone are labelled a lot of things by society: introverts, loners, spinsters….oddjobs. But sometimes you just need to be left to your own devices. MJ managed to ask for it in this single that called out the media for their invasive advances. It might not have helped his case much, but it will make you feel better if you find yourself turning down that big night out.

When you feel lonely: Randy Newman – You got a friend in me

This is a pretty comforting song from a pretty awesome movie, and though this song has a little bit of a melancholic lilt to it, it might remind you who your true friends are!

When you feel scared:  Michael Jackson – Thriller

Nobody likes to be scared…except adrenaline junkies, but Thriller will make you dance along in abject terror. The world went mental when MJ released this single and with good reason, but it might help you see the more frivolous side of your fears.

When someones calling you a whore: Madonna – Human Nature

Now I’m not suggesting anyone would, nor am I suggesting you might not deserve the reputation, but this is the song to stick on should the W, B or S word make an appearance. Madonna has probably heard it once or twice (well her name is a pretty big thing to love up to and she did release that ‘Sex’ book), but this song will take the sting out of the slander.

When someones done you wrong: Chicago Soundtrack – Cell Block Tango

Chicago provided us with some amazing songs to sing along to, but none better than the above. If you’ve been wronged, and chances are you have, you don’t need to wail about it from behind bars. Don’t do what these girls did and bump anyone off for popping gum too loud or having an affair, just enjoy their sultry performances as they regail you with their stories from the comfort off your own home.

When you want to hate on your ex: Janet Jackson –  Son of a Gun

Is your ex really p***ing you off? Just look at the hilarity of Missy and Janet above for five seconds….now listen to the song. These ladies will put him (or her) in his place…even if you don’t have the guts to.

When you’re stressin’: Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

I think its impossible for anyone to listen to this song and feel anything even remotely close to ‘not perfectly ok’. This song captures the chilled vibe of Jamaica and will transfer it to wherever you are and get to working on however you’re feeling. Drink whilst sipping on an alcoholic beverage and imagining you are staring out at turquoise waters.

When reflecting on a holiday romance: Grease Soundtrack – Summer Lovin’

Looking back on a summer romance can be a depressing prospect as it fills us with nostalgia and melancholy, especially if your present is looking a little less rosy. We can’t all end up with a happy ending like Sandy and Danny so you might as well appreciate the fact that you experienced a romance of any kind at all and treasure the memories.

When you need to feel like you’re somewhere else: Gavin Friday – Angel

This song will instantly transport you far, far away. It is pure bliss in music form. I may need to kidnap Gavin to sing to me in my stressed moments. After listening to this song, should you agree and wish to be my accomplice, please contact me privately. We can share him on a rota based system.

When you feel trapped in a bad relationship or an even worse job:  Candi Staton – Young Hearts Run Free

Feeling trapped in ‘deadend ville’ is one of the most depressing prospects there is. We have ‘relationship, marriage, kids, work’, drilled in to us at such an early age that sometimes, out of pressure, we dive into situations that don’t satisfy us or make us content with our lot, but seem to keep everybody else happy. Honey, if you’re in a bad relationship, bad job or bad mood, remember you’re a young heart and run free sweetie, run free!

When you need an instant boostLesley Gore – Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

There is no specific mood that this song can instantly improve upon, it is there for all ‘general maladies’. Brimming and bustling with good mood magic, play it in desperate moments i.e. getting out of bed on a monday morning, being barged across the train tracks by a fool, being chased by rabid dogs across arctic wasteland…(I don’t know).

These are just some of the songs that can solve your stresses, but what music gets you out of a mood?