There is a quiet feeling called Regret, that stirs inside me yet.

A pang from far away, a forgotten summer day.

A lazy languish in the pool of yore, a memory pushed to the fore.

I could yet dissolve in a mountain of tears, the giddy altitude of my fears.

I see the face, I feel the hurt. The heavens they are giving birth.

I remember you, I can’t forget. I try to, it’s not happened yet.

The strike of lightning on a calm day, the wind blows all the sea away.

You are the thunderbolt down my life. That one moment of unremitting strife.


Yum yum, wolfy wants to eat!

Yum yum, wolfy wants my meat!

His eyes grow large, he starts to growl.

He imagines me falling, bruising, saying ‘ow!’

I pull my cloak above my head.

The wolfy is picturing me dead.

But not before he gets me in grandmas bed.

If I had a gun, i’d pump him with lead!

My heart it starts to skip a beat,

I’m skipping down a country street.

The flowers they all fall away,

It’s a pretty summers day.

The wolfy looks a friendly sort,

in clothes he clearly hasn’t brought.

But suddenly i’m suprised to see,

its not a wolfy staring at me.

Looking at me is my biggest fan.

Why looking at me is a man!

Gobble, gobble! Yum, yum, yum!

Don’t tell Daddy! Don’t tell Mum!

I’m the daughter, you’re the son!

What we do is full of fun!

Open wide and take it down!

We are all smiles, not a frown!

I’ve got some sugar on my gown!

The chocolate is an amber brown!

Lick our lips, we’re wanting more!

Sugar pimp and candy whore!

Witch is standing at the door!

With liquorice making up her floor!

Alice flits about in her baby-blue dress,

The caterpillar blows smoke at her face,

She is very obviously distressed,

Wonderland is an overwhelming place!

“I saw him running to and fro!

Why, where did the white rabbit go?”

The Mad Hatter pours her a cup of tea.

The March Hares face is filled with insane glee.

The dormouse in her teacup is quite sleepy

Alice feels herself getting quite weepy.

“I saw him running to and fro!

Why, where did the white rabbit go?”

The Cheshire cat, in the tree, starts to grin.

She did not quite like the look on his face.

He seemed to lure her towards such bad things.

She thought of the rabbit she had to chase.

“I saw him running to and fro!

Why, where did the white rabbit go?”

The Queen of hearts wanted her roses red.

Anything less and they’d all end up dead.

Alice felt herself filled with such quaint dread.

The stout queen shouted out ‘off with her head!’

“I saw him running to and fro!

Why, where did the white rabbit go?”

You were my angel-nymph; my sweet child love.

Curious as a wild cat catching rats

In my tender moments you’d kick and shove

All Cheshire cat grin with your hair in plaits.

Don’t run from the madman my butterfly,

I know you think of it when you sob nightly,

I’ll drive you underneath the summer sky

Feed you sundaes, see those eyes burn brightly.

You are my only one confession.

With your chestnut hair and lips of scarlet

Pixie, you taught me the hardest lesson.

You dance rings around me my little starlet

In the night I can still hear you crying.

My Lolita, can you hear me dying?

Fallen prince of a paradise long lost,

Red hair grown wild over once freckled cheeks,

Over the heat of summer lays a frost,

The boys advanced like birds; all claws and beaks.

Chief of a tribe of ramshackle wolf cubs,

Wandering along sandy beaches and not streets,

Hands that trembled once in fear hit like clubs.

Innocent boys now degenerate freaks.

Embodiment of pride; the devils sin.

Spearing a pig with a face painted red,

King of Castle Rock, frees his evil twin,

The Savage screams as Piggy falls down dead

All in all its just a little boys game,

Out on the island that drove them insane