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If you happen to see a spate of playboy bunnies, devils and witches flooding the streets,¬†it’s probably¬†Halloween (either that or Armaggedon). Its the perfect time to be creative and use our imaginations. Why then do we always drag out the same tried and tested outfits in a completely last effort? The more Halloween’s that pass by, the harder it is to find something ‘original’ to go as. Here are my suggestions for some lesser used costume ideas. You might have to spend the night explaining who/what you are to everyone you meet, but hey, it beats looking the same as everybody else!

1. Miss Argentina (Beetlejuice)

‘If I knew then, what I know now, I wouldn’t have had my little accident!’

Red hair, green skin, beauty pageant sash – Miss Argentina is pretty hot for a member of the undead. Why then does NOBODY ever dress up as her? Maybe I’m just going to the wrong parties…

You will need LOTS of body paint for this character, a pretty short and snazzy outfit and some suicidal slashes on your wrists to complete her ‘delicious…but dead’ kind of look.

2. Dead Disney

‘Now its no wonder that her name means beauty – her looks have got no parallel!’

Drag out your favourite Disney character…and throw tons of blood all over your self! You could be a Disney vampire, zombie, mutant, ghost, killer or¬†alien. Was Ariel the victim of a serial killer? Did the Lost Boys go crazy and start stabbing everyone? Did Jasmine¬†run into an axe? Was the Beast a little bit of a maniac after he got with Belle?¬†Get creative with what happened after the ‘happily ever after’ of your favourite fairy tales. This idea might be taking off a little bit but there’s no limit to what¬† torments you can dig up for your Disney character.

3. Dead Celeb

‘Happy birthday…Mr President’

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor…add some glamour to your Halloween by dressing up as your favourite deceased celebrity…and then making it pretty obvious that they’re dead. There are quite a lot of ‘dead celeb’ club nights about for Halloween but few people really embrace the theme. Of course, as the ranks of the undead rise, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

4. The Grady Twins (The Shining)

‘Come play with us, Danny’

There’s always been something a little disconcerting about twins…but the Shining sisters probably take the cake. Massacred by their father, they wander the halls of the Overlook tormenting Danny. You don’t necessarily need to be a twin to pull off this look, but undoubtedly¬†it helps. It’s also preferable if you just stand side by side all night in doorways and maybe en route to the toilet or garden to creep people out. If you aren’t English, try working on your accent. Stand by the front door and say ‘Forever and ever and ever’ to each new guest that pops by.

5. Claudia (Interview with the Vampire)

‘But it means something else too doesn’t it? I shall never, ever grow up’

Claudia is woefully underrepresented on this night of the year. All you need for her look is some fangs, mad curly hair or ringlets and a nice old-fashioned frock. Claudia gets to wear some pretty elaborate and magnificent dresses so if you like the old world look you can really go to town.

6. Female (Hellraiser)

‘Not leaving us so soon, are you?’

Anyone that could pull off this look would find it very hard to find a party that would actually let them in on Halloween as this is probably the most horrifying of them all. God knows how anyone would really pull this one off; lots of leather and S&M style stuff, with a VERY pale face and some dark contact lenses. However you want to mutilate yourself to suitably present yourself as the scary Cenobite depends on the depravity of your own imagination.

7. Evil Alice (American McGee’s Alice)

‘You’ve gone quite mangy, cat…but your grin’s a comfort’

This one is made for brunette Alice in Wonderland fans everywhere. If you can’t pull off a blonde wig – don’t. American McGee’s Alice is holed up in an insane asylum after her parents are burned to death in their home and she revisits the warped landscape of Wonderland, unrecognisable from her childhood. The Alice outfit is easy to get your hands on. Team it with black boots, a fake knife and heavily made up dark eyes.

8. Veruca Sally (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

‘Don’t care how, I want it now!’

She’s not ‘evil’ in the traditional sense but she is a ‘bad egg’. I’ve always thought this outfit is understated but interesting and she is essentially NEVER represented. Get yourself a red dress, black belt and a bad attitude like a christmas elf gone wrong.

9. A female slant on a male character

There are a lot of really interesting evil male characters and villains: Pinhead, Ghost Face, Freddy Krueger, Jafar…the list is endless. Pick your favourite psycho and give the look a female twist.

10. Carrie

‘It was bad, Mama. They laughed at me’

Carrie is the ultimate prom Queen gone wrong, and yet she isn’t a very popular outfit choice. Maybe people are worried about the amount of fake blood they’d have to invest in. You’ll need your best, most virginal prom dress…and then you’ll need to ruin it, by dousing yourself in blood.

11. School Pupils (Battle Royale)

‘And so our compulsory education was coming to an end’

This is one for the boys, as much as the girls. Get yourself a Japanese style school uniform and then get each member of your party to represent the different grisly deaths that each student meets; stick an axe in your head, get yourself some gun shot wounds…you know the drill.

12. The Grand High Witch (The Witches)

‘I hope nobody else is going to make me cross today’

Pre or post transformation, the Grand High Witch cuts a pretty imposing figure. You’ll want to be elegant and regal in her human form with some purple contact lenses thrown in for good measure. For her revealed look, you’ll just want to look batshit scary.

13. Princess Lily (Legend)

‘Are you afraid to kiss me, Jack?’

Part of the fun of dress up is putting an evil slant on an innocent character. Legends Princess Lily is the ultimate sweet and angelic pretty Princess until her wonderful transformation at the end. You’ll need lots of black makeup to reinvent this gothic look.

14. Blaze (Streets of Rage)

Blaze isn’t the bad girl – she’s actually one of the good guys, but her outfit is just that damn cool that SOMEONE needs to dress as her. For a strenuous Halloween link her outfit is blood-red. Get yourself some red leather and if you aren’t naturally endowed with one, give yourself a black beauty spot to recreate her look.

15. Unknown (Tekken)

Unknown has a look that is difficult to emulate. Possessed by a wolf demon she pretty much wanders around in purple goo with gold shiny eyes, but she does have a second wardrobe;¬† wandering around barefoot in a gray dress with chains around her ankles. It might not be an easy look to perfect, but you’ll most¬†certainly look unique and hardcore video game fans of Tekken will know who you are!

16. Harley Quinn (Batman)

‘Oh, come on, puddin’! Don’t you want to rev up your “Harley”? Vroom vroom!’

So long as you aren’t planning on using the bathroom, the jokers bit on the side is a pretty creepy but mesmerizing outfit to dazzle Halloween revellers.

Do you have any original Halloween outfit suggestions?

What’s the most unique thing you have dressed as for Halloween?