1. Victoria Beckham
The Beckham’s are bonded over their mutual love of excessive ink. Victoria’s delicate and dainty frame suits this intricate Hebrew neck lettering. Supposedly her tattoo is an excerpt from ‘The Song of Solomon’, a beautiful love poem.


2. Lea Michele’s Gold Star
In homage to her GLEE character Rachel Berry, Lea tattooed herself with this subtle gold star. The colour really pops in this bubble-gum pink dress.

3. Eve’s kitty cat paws
Often duplicated, this provocative tattoo really appeared to fire up the flare of numerous copy cats! Hard to miss and hard to conceal, this fiery, feisty seductive design is suitable for the mischievous, wild rapper.

4. Dianna Agron’s nursery rhyme
Dianna is the embodiment of girlishness, elegance and class and her tattoo does not detract from that. An excerpt from ‘Mary had a little lamb’, Dianna’s mother was named Mary and the tattoo is representative of there close relationship.

5. Paris Hilton’s red butterfly
Butterflies might be a little overdone but Paris Hilton’s scarlet butterfly embossed upon her neck suits the human Barbie, adding a little fire to the airy, mercurial socialite.

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6. Cara Delevingne’s Lion
Embossing her finger with a bold, striking lion, Cara Delevigne was unknown to me until I saw her tattoo. The playmate of Rihanna and Rita affronted Prince Charles with this unusual, unforgettable design.

7. Angelina Jolie’s Tiger
Angelina Jolie was the poster child for raunchy rebellion before it became a mainstream fad. Her dynamic back tattoo of a tiger is a powerful representation of the wild woman herself and not for the fainthearted!

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8. Lea Michele’s Musical Notes
Delicate, dainty and wonderfully girly, Lea’s shoulder tattoo indicates how important and instrumental (excuse the pun) music has been in her life.

9. Rihanna’s Isis
To celebrate her birthday, Rihanna added to her body art with this interesting placement of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. It most definitely draws even more attention to the singer!


10. Kat Von Dee’s Eye Stars
Heavily tatted Kat Von Dee is a little overly tattooed for my liking, and though stars are by no means unique she really rocks this painful placement. What can I say? It suits her!



1. Lock and Key
An unusual, somewhat romantic and mysterious choice, this is an interesting selection of placements for the lock and key design. As standalone pieces they are a little evasive, but together they create an interesting story.


2. Crescent moon
The moon is representative of feminine power, changeability and cyclical behaviour. Choosing to adorn yourself with the moon is a way of claiming your femininity.


3. Musical Note
Lea Michele’s musical note is by no means a unique design, but the shoulder placement is very sweet and subtle and perfectly appropriate for a Glee star!


4. Gun
Rihanna’s gun might be particularly unfeminine and representative of some darker changes to her former sweet girl persona, but it definitely suits her and sums up her attitude!


5. C.A.T
Mad cat ladies will be fawning over this one.


6. The red heart
This small, red heart is beautifully emphasised by the darkened, bold border and red necklace. A romantic, feminine placement.

WFA Panda

7. WFF Panda
This might not be to everyone tastes, but animal lovers will appreciate the sentiment.


8. Love heart 2
Another love heart…but what a unique and adorable placement!


9. Cat
This slinky cat tattoo might not be too tiny, but it is tempting!


10. Small seahorse
The thick bold lines compensate for the subtlety of this adorable seahorse!



So what’s the fuss about?

L’Occitane is the exotically unpronounceable French brand that has been heralded as one of the best brands for the skin. This product is 50ml of precious cleansing foam shielded in an ocean blue bottle. The back blurb announces that the product is “enriched with organic immortelle floral water” which both cleanses and banishes impurities. Firstly, the packaging looks both enticing and luxurious – the combination of bold blue and striking gold looks regal and rich. It looks mighty attractive on the shelf!

What’s in it?

Aqua, glycerin and an assortment of other unpronounceables!

What does it smell like?

This product smells like fresh meadows and ocean breeze. It really does smell wonderfully lush, cleansing and natural. It does not smell artificial whatsoever. It has a calming, relaxing scent.

How do I use this?

Apply to damp skin twice daily. The product will foam easily. Spread over the face and wash clean. Recommended as suitable for all skin types.

Does it work?

As a cleanser, i.e. to remove daily impurities and make-up, this works really well. It is so soft to apply because it is a simple, fresh foam. It is equally easy to remove. You can see and feel when the product is gone. It leaves skin looking and feeling fresh. I simply looked more youthful and awake after I’d used this. I would recommend for all skin types, except severe problem skin and for those who suffer with acne. Although this is a gentle cleanser and acne should not be treated abrasively, a different kind of cleanser should be recommended for such skin.

Would I repurchase?

Yes, most definitely. Although my skin can be problematic, I like the fresh, gentle, easy way that this product cleanses. A very quick, and yet thorough cleanse.


L’Occitane products do not come cheap. Perhaps you’re paying extra for the exotic French name but at £18.50, it’s not the cheapest of cleansers. It is most definitely worth it though, should you have the cash to spare.

Overall rating: 9/10

To learn more about L’Occitane products click here: http://uk.loccitane.com/about-us,83,1,35526,358131.htm

So what’s the fuss about?

Palmer’s is another of those big brands that has cemented its identity in the market. This vitamin enriched “treatment for soft, radiant skin” is designed to nourish the skin intensively. It’s key ingredient and therefore it’s most potent force in achieving this is super soft shea butter. The product also makes numerous other claims. Supposedly it “combats dryness and improves elasticity” as well as providing a “smooth, natural glow”. This deviates from the original Palmer’s formula in that it has been enriched with vitamin E and it also bucks tradition by smelling very different!

What’s in it?

You’ve got your usual shea butter which is tremendously buttery and soft. You’ve also got mineral oil, which is notorious for blocking pores. As such, such a thick formula should NOT be used on the face or anywhere on your body that may be prone to acne breakouts. The product is paraben free, vitamin E enriched and has not been tested on animals.

What does it smell like?

The traditional formula smells deliciously of chocolate – sweet, cocoa goodness. This formula smells different and is less appealing because of it. It has a more clinical smell and smells ever so slightly like an alcoholic drink.

Where do I use it?

All over the body once or twice a day to combat dryness.

Does it work?

This is definitely a very softening product. Those who have used it will be familiar with the thickness of the formula which drenches skin and leaves it moisturised, soft and with a dewy glow. Use on dry areas will provide immediate improvement and it’s great as a pre-emptive cure for any skin issues!

Would I repurchase?

No…simply because I prefer the original formula (the one that I’m most familiar with), the cocoa butter formula. I just adore the smell of the cocoa and as such I would stick with bottles of that rather than this!

How much did it cost?

Awfully cheap at £2.98. Daylight robbery!

Overall rating: 8/10

So what’s the fuss about?

Liz Earle is a one woman superstar who creates beautification products using “naturally active ingredients”. Her brand is the best of Great Britain sourcing ingredients fairly and without animal extracts. This is a natural, ethical range ideal if you are conscious about enjoying products that work whilst being environmentally aware.

This particular product is designed to “plump, smooth and rebalance” the skin. Intended as a night time concentrate and with a useful roller-ball design, the product can easily and effortlessly be applied with minimum pressure to the skin.

What’s in it?

A whole swathe of intensive, highly heralded ingredients such as hazelnut, rosehip, argan, avocado and neroli oil as well as vitamin E.

What does it smell like?

This is a hard smell to describe but it’s very therapeutic, gentle and relaxing. A soft, balmy, ethereal, unimposing scent.

Where do I use it?

This is designed for use on the face and neck areas. I tend to focus on the sides of the eyes, forehead and around the mouth.

Does it work?

The product claims to plump and smooth skin. Well, sadly, no non-invasive products can forcibly plump and unwrinkled the skin. This product is very soothing and gentle though and most certainly treats and moisturises.

Would I repurchase?

Yes, I would. I’m a big fan of Liz Earle and this is a luxurious treat. A little really lasts. The pump application means no product is wasted and the intoxicating amber gold colour is really inviting.

How much did it cost?

LE products do NOT come cheap. Shop around and you may pick up a bargain or a deal. This product was purchased for me last Christmas for £27.50 for a 10ml bottle.

Overall rating:


 Before Mike and Sully were world class scarers at Monsters Inc. accidentally unleashing a human child into the monster world and reforming the techniques used to elicit electricity from the extreme reactions of children to the presence of monsters, they were mere university students struggling to make there way in the world…and wondering if they ever would.

 Sully, son of a famous scarer, has a monstrous presence in the genes, but as a result is highly dependent on his family name and frightening features and regresses into an arrogant lazy jock. Mike, by contrast, is as terrifying as a toothpick but with the commitment and booksmarts to ensure he knows everything there is to know abut eliciting a top class scare.


Both majoring as scarers, Mike and Sully’s conflicting personalities lead to a confrontation that causes them both to be dejected from the programme. They are enabled one final opportunity to prove there worth thanks to Mike’s quick thinking. They will participate in the ‘Scare Games’, a series of obstacles intended to test there scare abilities. The catch? They have to form there own fraternity, Oozma Kappa, a fraternity as freaky as a hutchful of rabbits. With this there only opportunity to find themselves re-entered into the programme, the pressure is on and Mike and Sully must force themselves to work together rather than act as adversaries. They also need to reassess what it means to be a monster with Mike meshing with Sully’s ideas that being a monster should be instinctive and natural, whilst Sully begins to realise that being a true scarer also requires the use of ones brains.

This movie comes at a good time for university students and those of university age who might be questioning whether university is the most appropriate way to locate a future career. The film combines the importance of book knowledge and physical experience and street smarts which seems to encourage a better way, all encompassing way of education. As such, this is a refreshing approach to the school years and will leave audiences feeling there is no right or wrong way to be a success. What matters is friendship, determination and tenacity.

Pixar is delightful as ever with a plethora of physical jokes, gorgeous animation and a real humanity to these otherwise monstrous characters. A brilliant family film and a delightfully inspirational movie for kids working on the stereotype of American highschools with a campass of monsters in place of blonde cheerleaders and strapping jocks! It’s also wonderful to see the back story between two of Pixar’s best friends.


Packaging: A lime green, natural looking product decorated with love hearts and flowers. It’s a feminine, earthy, product appearance wise.

Price: £8

Scent: The alluring scent of fresh cucumber and revitalising melon combines and enthuses to form a very appealing and delicate aroma.

Texture: A slick product with a gritty undertone that makes skin feel buffed and cleansed.

Bang for your buck: This is a facial scrub which is advisable for all skin types although I wouldn’t recommend the product for acne prone skin because such skin needs specialised attention. This product feels like it works and it smells heavenly and it’s a cute add on to any bathroom shelf. The product does leave skin feeling cleansed and also brightened.

Does it work?: As someone with problem skin who is prone to break outs, I think I would need something more synced with my skin to work effectively. That said, my skin was definitely left brighter and lighter.

Does it last? I rushed through this product and not intentionally. It has decent lastability but other products last longer in my opinion.

Would I repurchase? I would, simply because I love the smell and the brightening effect, but I would not use it as a regular cleanser.

Overall rating: 7/10